If like many you’re resolution is New Year, New You, and you intend on budging some of that extra weight, or wanting to adopt and all together new healthy lifestyle, then snacking habits can be the worst. I am a sucker for snacks whether I am hungry, bored or emotional eating. It will result in a trip to the snack cupboard. Luckily this does not exist in my house anymore, so no more untoward snacking. If like me your a snack sufferer then you know there is nothing worse when on a health kick and those cravings sneak in. Yet have you ever thought about swapping that bag of crisps for something more interesting? Want to know more? Well one of our top foods for 2016 was Soffles Pitta Chips. ¬†Yes you heard me right pitta chips, and why are they one of our top new products. Well because they are fluffin’ amazing! I mean I bloody love pitta bread anyways but flavoured and made into crisp form, do I need to say anymore.


Soffles pitta chips was started by a little socialite who always had hungry friends and a passion for cooking. They were designed as a pre dinner treat for all of Soffles friends at The Pitta Chip Ranch. I know it sounds like se had a glamorous start however from what I gather the ranch was a back garden shed. Which then makes things seem even more impressive. As word got out about these delightful drinks accompaniments, Soffles turned to the streets and the supermarkets to give everyone a taste of pitta.

I must admit when I got these I didn’t dip or crouton, they were that good they went from the bag to the mouth! By far my fave flavour was rosemary and thyme. For my partner, (the one that isn’t soft and can handle heat) his were the wild chilli and garlic! This actually came with a heat warning for us lol! And rightly so as they nearly blew is head off! These are a great recommendation for those trying to make healthier choices but still want a treat every now and again as its pure natural ingredients. Like all diets, balance is the key! That doesn’t mean a daily bag, although you totally could with these babies. However the 25g packet is perfect for that cheeky nibble or go large and share with a buddy. Whichever you choose make sure you give them a try! Its a crisp revolution!


Rosemary & Thyme
Onion & Cheese



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