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The weather is brightening up which means when it comes to food there is always one thing on the top of my list… salad. Yep that’s right – those people who say salads are boring, are seriously just not doing it right. I love a good ol’ leafy green on my plate! I mean honestly salad is made for sunny days especially my spring prawn salad.

This month I’ve been big on meal prep – so want to save money for all of the good things in life and buying lunch on the day certainly wasn’t helping. I wanted to get a bit creative and knock up a truly sexy salad. So, I took inspiration from a side salad a friend and I shares at the Botanist – and I dis right it was bloody delicious and the easiest salad to put together… see below.

– Prawns
– Kale
– Broccoli
– Red onion
– Broad beans
– Crushed nuts
– Edamame beans
– Garlic
– Mint
– Chili oil

I got most of my veggies frozen, more nutrients and less wastage.

– Grab the broccoli, kale and beans and steam them up
– Whilst they getting hot… grate the garlic
– In a pan heat up some chili oil and lightly cook the garlic then add the prawns
– Whilst all of that is going on… finely chop some mint and mix with the yogurt
– Then mix the prawns and veggies in a bowl sprinkle over the nuts and drizzle on the sauce
– Voila

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