Can we just take a second to talk about how good this ruddy sun is?!  I mean talk about absolute bliss! There is one thing I love to do in this weather and that is have a good old BBQ! Yes sunshine, beers, friends and music – better yet in your own back garden. Well not mine ha I am not fortunate to have one, however if you bring recipes like this summer grilled chicken – trust people are happy to host you!

I love this recipe as its simple, fresh and tasty, it rides with the weather and gives you a slight taste of the Caribbean without the heat – with 27 degrees coming from the sun, I don’t need added heat in my mouth ha! This chicken can have a variety of accompaniments, depending on what you’re feeling – we ate ours with a lovely salad however I’d imagine it going great with some sautéed sweet potatoes.

– Chicken breasts (2)
– A handful of chopped mint
– 100g diced pineapple
– 2 limes
– A dash of olive oil

– Mash up the pineapple chunks
– Add the juice of 2 limes
– Mix in the mint
– Add a dash of olive oil
– Mix together and leave to marinate
– We left ours for 4 hours to get a deeper flavour
– Place a breast, along with juices and pineapple chunks in a parcel of tin foil
– Cook on the BBQ for around 20 minutes checking throughout
– Open up and enjoy with sides of your choice
– Bon Appetite!

What’s you go to BBQ dish?


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  1. my mum always does garlic and lime chicken for summer BBQ’s! she would love this recipe

    1. Lolamia

      Oooo that sounds tasty! x

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