I am a massive sweet tooth and the hardest part about adopting a new healthier SWEET FREEDOM, SWEET FREEDOM CHOC SHOT, CHOC SHOT, LIQUID CHOCOLATE, WEIGHT WATCHERS, SLIMMING WORLD, SW, CHOCOLATE SYRUP, NATURAL, ORANGE SPICE, COCONUT, #LIFESLITTLEPLEASURESlifestyle has been avoiding chocolate. Of course I will have a nibble every now and then, but its about eating the right chocolate. My dad coming from France has always told me off for eating crap chocolate, that means anything like Cabdurys or Nestle etc. He would always prefer I eat real chocolate. Of course we do not have them amazing chocolate shops like in France. Not like I listened anyway I still used to devour bar after bar. Yet that totally is not good for my health, skin, body or teeth. So for someone who used to consume that much and has a super sweet tooth egging me on, avoiding these habits are hard. That is until I was introduced to the Sweet Freedom syrups. I mean these are life savers and have become my daily guilt pleasure in some way. I was sent the three flavours of choc shot to try out so heres what I thought…


Normally anything that represents a healthy low calorie chocolate tastes waaaaay off the real thing. However this one really is the real deal. Obviously you cant eat it like a bar, but it is so versatile you can add it to everything and anything. Place it into you baking, porridge, over ice cream or yogurt even as hot chocolate. My partner loves this as a hot chocolate with a plant based milk! This went really well with my poached pears.


Now this one was my absolute fave. I have always been a fan of chocolate Orange and love tucking into a Terry’s, yet this is the next best thing. It is also great for this time of year as it has a lovely Autumnal tone to it being spiced Orange. I love this as a hot chocolate its the best, but it also went amazing on top of my carrot cake nice cream.


As a health freak I am obsessed with anything coconut. Its great for everything and the flavour is amazing. Its a personal transporter to the exotics. It makes everything taste like a bounty which is incredible. Its great to be able to add a different flavour to my creations rather than just plain chocolate. It went great on top of my warm banana proats.

CARROT CAKE NICE CREAM, CARROT CAKE, NICE CREAM, ICE CREAM, BANANAS, SPICE BLEND, AUTUMN, NUTMEG, CINNAMON, GINGER, DATES, HEALTHY EATING, #LIFESLITTLEPLEASURESI seriously cant recommend this enough, I mean I am now completely hooked. This is such an incredibly versatile product. You can bake with it, make with it, drizzle, spread and glaze. With 25% less calories than sugar 95% fat free this is perfect to incorporate into a healthy diet. Its also half the calories of leading brands of solid chocolate and 85% less fat. So you may think about it next time your about to pick up that mars bar. Not only that but Sweet Freedom has no nasties what so ever. It is 100% natural with no chemical processing, no additives and no preservatives. The other plus points is that its totally allergy friendly having no gluten, dairy, soya, eggs or nuts. This is a serious new addition to my kitchen cupboards.


The guys over at Sweet Freedom are going to be uber generous and give you a chance to win a years supply of their Fruit Syrup – perfect for baking. Just enter below via the Gleam app.

Lolita Bonita Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup Giveaway

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  1. Tiffeny Brown

    I love all the flavours! Was so happy to discover choc shot after going vegan 🙂 x

    1. Lolamia

      Oh yes they are so super tasty! Our house has been converted. We are launching a comp today giving away a years supply of their fruit syrup!

  2. Emma Eminoglu

    When trying to retweet for the competition it says account doesn’t exist anymore and won’t let me retweet you or sweet freedom?

    1. Lolamia

      Thanks for letting me know. It should be all sorted now! 🙂

  3. Annette

    Love Sweet Freedom as it’s a great healthy alternative option to sugar. I use it everyday to drizzle over my porridge and its also a versatile product with many uses especially for baking.

    1. Lolamia

      Oh yes its a great product isnt it. Can put it on anything!

  4. julie davies

    i love Choc Shot, the whole family do. Perfect on our morning porridge. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    1. Lolamia

      It really is. I love it with bananas and toast


    with bananas yummy

  6. michelle o'neill

    This looks so good

  7. donna l jones

    great prize

  8. Rich Tyler

    Looks so dam tasty!

  9. Maya Ali

    never tried this will have to give it a go

  10. Danielle Bassford

    looks lush.

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