Lolita Bonita


As you may have guessed music is an integral part of me. I live, breathe and eat music. Of course not literally! I have grown up where music has played a prominent part in my life, be it my dads 2000+ CD collection surrounding me, or the drum kit I got when I was 13, or my first ever concert and festival experience at 16. My degree in events, my work experience at festivals and my first blog was in fact a music one. I take it you get the picture. I spend the majority of my chill time discovering new music and there was some incredible new vibes that came over the year. So, if you’re looking to find some more artists to add to your follow list then check out my Sounds of 2018 playlist below.

Any new tracks that stand out for you?

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I’ve always been really into music. I’m hoping I can get my son into playing music and reading a lot because that’s another thing I enjoy!

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