For many blogging is a serious game from what may have started as a little corner of the web that allowed the freedom of sharing opinions and experiences has slowly grown into a full-blown business. This may be something that brings in extra pocket-money or has turned into a full-time job! Whatever you want out of it you gotta start somewhere, so here are my top tips for new bloggers.

There are now a variety of platforms out there that give bloggers the opportunity to reach out and work with brands! This generally results in a paid or gifting outcome. This can help spark up the start of a strong working relationship! Instead of approaching brands these blogger outreach sites allow you to contact brands that are already looking for influences.

These are two of the most important words for brands and bloggers! I have heard and experienced many occasions when a brand has let the blogger down after establishing a collaboration or even worse radio silence. To bloggers this could be their livelihood and lots of planning will have gone into this collaboration. Remember they have a powerful influence on your customers and that is why as a brand you chose to work with them so sticking to commitments and arrangements is key! This is also aimed at bloggers. If you agree to have a post up within 2 weeks have that post up – treat this as you’re a business and you have a deadline! Make sure the things agreed are complete, this will generally lead to more work.

One of the best ways to get noticed by readers and brands is to share reviews of products you already use and places you experience. This is where you show the real you, honest and truthful opinions as you’re already writing about something you love. People read your blog and visit your socials because they connect with you as a person! This is a great start to collaborating with brands and they will already see you as a great ambassador for their product.

This is also key – let’s be honest no one likes to read a blog and see collaborations that constantly praise products and experiences. Things aren’t perfect all the time and just because you’ve been paid doesn’t mean you have to say how great stuff is when it really isn’t. Your lying to yourself and your audience!

We all know the world of social media is vital in the blogosphere! It can be super hard to keep on top of! Especially when there are so many social platforms that have stupid algorithms to beat! Just remember post regularly, use hashtags and don’t play games! Oh and be yourself that’s what got you this far!

The more people you get involved, the more shares you get, the more eyes it reaches! You’ll be amazed at the friends you will also make in the blogging world. We’re not all bitchy people who like to cause drama – most of us are very nice and super supportive! These people will be your rock in the blogging world! You may just make some really incredible friends out of it too!

What are your top blogging tips? !

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