Do you overpack your suitcase every time you travel? Or do you always find yourself remembering items you forgot to pack just as you’re about to check in at the airport? If you’re tired of always making the same packing mistakes, here’s a guide for the wanderlusting travel girl. 

The essentials

There are a few key items you must always bring with you on your trip and know exactly where they are at all times while on vacation. These include your tickets, wallet, passport, cash, cell phone, travel info and maps with notes. Losing these will most likely ruin your trip, so be careful. If you travel to a place that’s known for pickpockets, make sure to keep these essentials safe under your clothing.

Clothes and shoes

If you always have trouble packing all your clothes into your suitcase, try rolling instead of folding them.TRAVEL GIRL, ESSENTIALS, TRAVEL GIRL NECESSITIES, TRAVELLING, WORLD, GLOBE TROTTER To make your baggage even smaller, put your rolled up clothes into zip lock bags and press out all the air. However, if you have some delicate pieces of clothing you don’t want wrinkled, place tissue paper on both sides of the garment and then roll. A great way to pack footwear is to get some cheap shower caps and put them on your shoes to keep the rest of your luggage clean.


Even though you’ll most likely receive some hotel shampoos and lotions when you check into your room, you might want to bring some of your own toiletries. Don’t forget your toothbrush and tooth paste, makeup, deodorant, wet wipes, q-tips, razors, and some medication. The rest of your regular hygiene products are highly optional. But, whichever products you choose to bring from home, make sure to put them in a zip lock in case of spillage. Also, remember you can’t bring items larger than 100 grams of liquid on the plane.


TRAVEL GIRL, ESSENTIALS, TRAVEL GIRL NECESSITIES, TRAVELLING, WORLD, GLOBE TROTTERWhether it’s to document your adventures or keep you busy during the transport to your destination, it’s always great to have some entertainment at hand. For instance, never leave for a trip unless you have some music with you. You can get some great noise-cancelling akg headphones which will give you some peace of mind every time you get a bit overwhelmed. And if you create an awesome travel playlist, you won’t even notice the length of your flight and the wait at the airport. Also, bring a pen and a notebook if you love to scribble and doodle or pack a book or a magazine to keep you occupied during long flights.


It’s always nice to have something to snack on besides the airplane food. It’s important to always have some food at hand to keep your energy up and hunger down. This also goes for the rest of your trip: always have some food and water in your backpack in case there are no stores and restaurants when you get hungry. Trail mix or some home-made granola bars are a great way to restore some energy and keep you going. Also, bring chewing gum for the plane, because it will help relieve the pressure in your ears.


When you pack your gadgets, put them in the centre of your suitcase to protect them from damage. TRAVEL GIRL, ESSENTIALS, TRAVEL GIRL NECESSITIES, TRAVELLING, WORLD, GLOBE TROTTERYou can also put a ‘fragile’ sticker on your bag which is supposed to keep your bag on the top of the pile and prevent it from being thrown around. To avoid having cords all over your bag, put chargers and cables in a plastic container. Always bring a plug and voltage wall adapter, some extra camera batteries and an extra charger just in case.

Now, regardless of where you’re travelling, you’ll always have an easy time packing and a well-organised luggage. Bon voyage, traveller!




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