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Lolita Bonita


Over the weekend, my bestie and I went to go spend a weekend on the outskirts of Liverpool. As you could see from my Instagram, we had luscious massages, a trip to Knowsley safari park and was plied with rum! I don’t think you could have asked for a better weekend really. I have only ever experienced a safari park once, that was when I was living in Africa as a child and we actually had to drive through one monthly. Yes, insane right?! Our regular bus went cruising on through! Therefore, I have never experienced being so close to Rhino’s, Giraffes and Lions, so as you can imagine I was rather excited about this trip! 

The park is based on the outskirts of Liverpool set in huge fields, that you essentially drive around. As you drive through there are a wide variety of animals that you can gaze at whilst they graze at the grass. I couldn’t believe how close you could drive to the animals without them feeling disturbed. I mean the rhino’s horn was pretty much touching the car. However, they all did seem rather docile, apart from the monkeys who were very spritely and apparently feeling rather raunchy. It would be a great day out for the kids and the sea lion show was my fave part, however the drive round was rather short, so I would recommend seeing all the shows available and going on the safari walk too. Here you can see wolves, giraffes, elephants and birds of prey. Stay away from the bat cave! Not a pleasant experience.

When I arrived, I didn’t quiet know what to expect, as when I think of Safari’s, I think steaming heat, rubbled outback ground and a jeep! Not big fields on the outskirts of Liverpool. Luckily for us the sun was shining, so at least we got the exotic atmosphere! Instead of a jeep we were venturing in the besties little Citroen, so making sure we wouldn’t get mauled by lions or attacked by cheeky monkeys, we thought it was best the give the car a once over.

I found this the ideal time to get involved in tyreplus.co.uk #TestYourTreads campaign, yes that’s right, this is the most you will ever see me involved with a car!  I can’t even read a sat nav let alone steer to the destination. We decided to check the tyres out using the nifty 20p test – I am learning so much before I can even drive!


This handy little test actually requires you to pop a 20p coin in the grooves of the tyre and if the outer band of the coin is visible at any point, the treads are below the legal limit. Carrying out simple checks like this one on a regular basis will

  • Keep the car safety in check.
  • Reduce damage to vehicles.
  • Help eliminate unnecessary road accidents.

So from the possibility of getting stuck in a monkey enclosure, to your daily commute to and from work or just nipping to the shops, testing your treds is vital for everyday driving. I mean nothing is more important than your safety on the road! You also don’t want to get a fine.

How often do you check out your car before a journey? 

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