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Lolita Bonita


On the beautiful island of Cyprus, just East of Mount Olympus, there is the picturesque region of Pitsillia. The climate of the Pitsillia region perfect for the locals to cultivate the ‘Rosa damascene’ for various wonderful uses. And the exciting festival that takes place every May during the rose harvest in Agros which honours the rose and it’s endless beneficial uses. Last week I went along to visitcyprus ‘Rosewater Event’ which celebrated this very festival.

We were welcomed into a beautiful rose filled room and treated to a refreshing rose bellini decorated with dried edible petals. The venue – a cosy white-walled ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired space complete with checkerboard ceilings and a big white bunny! A lovely opening speech was provided by a visitcyprus representative where we were told of the Rose Festival, celebrating the village of Agros’ bountiful rose bushes.

From here we were guided through to the most welcoming set up of hand massage and nail art stations provided by the lovely ladies from ‘Rock Chic Beauty’, a masterclass in floral arrangement from ‘Rebel Rebel’, and the most delicious banquet of floral delicacies.

Amongst a bountiful table adorned with delightful rose flavoured treats were ‘Mahalebi’ a dessert made from corn flour and water which is then infused with rose syrup, some delicious rose mojitos – absolutely something I recommend as rose adds an amazing herbal flavour, not sweetness, and chocolate coated rose creams (I wanted to steal them all!).

The beautiful floral atmosphere gave the cold April evening some luster and freshness, and quite obviously gave us all a super cute backdrop for our insta stories. The scent of rose omnipresent, and so so crisp, I just loved every second of it!

After getting home, using my complimentary rose face scrub and popping my gorgeous self-made rose bouquet in a cute vase, I sat down and thought about when to start planning my trip to Cyprus for next May – and who to take with me!

Thanks a bunch visitcyprus for your inspiring evening, you really rose to the occasion…

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oh, everything is just so wonderful :O I want to go and see this too :O

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