When it comes to tying the knot, over 200,000 Brits say ‘I do’ each year and we give ourselves on average to years to plan the perfect day! Over the years I have casually been working in the wedding industry I’ve seen it all. I know what works and what doesn’t. What people enjoy and what they don’t – let’s be honest most of the time they are piddled and it’s hard to find fault with anything! Most importantly I’ve realised what I do want and what I don’t when the time comes! One thing that has stuck with me to get those perfect wedding vibes is the fact that it’s all in the smaller details!


Last year my family and I flew out to France for my cousins wedding – and it was the most dreamiest affair! I have always thought that I would want a wedding abroad, mainly because I want some bloody sunshine on that special day! However purely for the more relaxed atmosphere that was there! I mean the sun was shining and the champagne flowing but we decorated the chapel the day before, cousins were all staying in bunk beds and hung over the next day there was nothing better than lying in  the sun in the French countryside sipping on some bubbly whilst your uncle’s jam on the guitar and the pizza truck rolls up! You know what I mean right?! You can check out that holiday by watching my first YouTube video here.

So, we have abroad and that means the location is pretty much ticked off the list! Being French of course it will be a free bar – I won’t have my guests flying over only to serve them with a bill! A sexy colour scheme is vital, this depends on venue, time of year and what your bridesmaids are gonna look hot in! I will just have all of the food and I mean all of the food. I worked a wedding once where they had canape stations like a ruddy buffet! If everyone can drink and tan and fill their bellies I shall be a happy happy lady!

Then I come to the final and more critical part – the details. The wedding accessories. The favours. The gifts to bridesmaids and anything that makes people look back at your day and think nice bloody touch babe! I love the personalised gowns and pjs for the bride and bridesmaids, I like funky glasses and classy sashes for the hen do. The craft beer crates for the new father in law – I mean that is gonna score some right brownie points hey! The old school disposable cameras on the tables and the special little gifts that you give to loved ones to thanks them for dealing with the Bridezilla you may have been! These are the special things – the small little touches that seem so meaningless yet are so powerful when received! The things that your friends will forever remember the day by! They don’t have to be costly or take a chunk out of your budget! Yes it’s your day but this is a day you want to share with everyone so let them feel a special part.

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