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THE WINTER EDIT #1 - Lolita Bonita

Lolita Bonita


What a week it has been – we’ve said goodbye to 2018, which I may say flew by! We said hello to 2019, a year full of new adventures and tales waiting to be told. This year as you know I haven’t set any resolutions, but, working on the little things that will help me grow as a person! Over the Christmas period I was a bit of a miserable Murtle so have gone into the new year trying to have a more positive outlook. I am aiming to have some more me time and stop filling my diary up as not to get burned out. So, in the last week of the holidays in true Lola style, I was here there and everywhere making the most of my free time.  Here is just a little of what I got up to in the first winter edit.

So, the start of January was dedicated to sorting my life out! Big statement I know but last year things go rather chaotic – my body struggled, my mind struggled and the people around me struggled. In the sales I went out and bought myself a lovely new diary full of awesome STICKERS along with a wall calendar. With placement, assignments, birthdays, blogging, seminars and lectures etc it all needs to be put down in one place, scheduled and prioritised. This is the year where I am not flapping around like a headless chicken.

I say that above but that is exactly what I have been doing this week. As I am trying to keep my diary as free as possible for the next few months I decided to use the last of my holiday days zooming around seeing people. I went to visit my bestie and toasted her new house. I am so proud, she’s actually adulting now with her very own home. From there I went onto Leeds to hang with one of my friends from uni . We got take out and played some pool.

Lastly, I drove back to the Lakes to hang with one of my oldest friends. The night was spent binging AHS Apocalypse, so so good.  She’s had it recorded since October but I forbid her to watch it – what a good egg! There was finally a day  to dedicate to Peter Evans and my was it worth it. Has anyone else watched? It was the best season yet and accompanied by Domino’s it couldn’t have been anymore blissful.

Today, it’s all about preparing for my upcoming week. I was supposed to be going walking. A new thing which I want to do every Sunday to zen my mind and see more of the Lakes! However, plans change! Instead I did my shop and went home where I attempted to make a nut and seed loaf. As I am back on KETO tomorrow, it’s a sort of bread that I will be able to eat. Not gonna lie – it doesn’t look promising ha! It felt and looked like a brick when I took it out the oven. Fingers crossed for no broken teeth!


And that’s it for this week – I think it’s been pretty chilled but in reality it has not ha! How has your first week of Jan been?


That is an awesome way to get the month started. My first week pretty much consisted of almost the same stuff. Goal planning, figuring out a fitness / eating plan and just spending some quality time with friends and family. Good luck in 2019 lovely!


I must agree it’s not been too shabby! It’s nice to start the year off organised makes you feel focused and on form! x

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