Lolita Bonita


This week has been wonderfully positive. Filled with laughter and smiles and routine! I started back at uni but went into a new group, this was super daunting but they all welcomed me with open arms and in hindsight I wish I had swapped earlier. Heading back to uni has got me into a great routine, I started working out again and eating a lot better. My weekend was filled with drinks and dinners as well as lots of giggles. Lets see what has been happening in the Winter Edit #2.

At the start of the week I made the decision to apply to do my final placement in London. If I get it this means relocating to the other side of the country and working in a school environment unbeknown to me. However, if I do get it, it’s an amazing opportunity with great benefits and incredible progression. I was invited for an interview on Friday and will find out next week. Eeeeek. 

Now I am back into a routine and all that jazz, I have got back into cooking. I cook for my aunt and uncle once a week and this is what I whipped up this time. Salmon in a herb butter, with creamed leeks and spring greens along with some grilled asparagus. I mean who do I think I am?!

On Friday night I met up with some very close family friends. We had a lovely tapas dinner and catch up. We drank memorial shots of lemon cello. Then we ended up having a random nerf gun fight – I tell you those things are very painful when they hit you in the face. I thought I would be walking into next week with a black eye.

When I said I was going to stop filling my diary – I think I lied ha! In all honesty not filling my diary paved the way for this weekend to happen. Resting up at during the weekend days then spending quality time with important people in the evenings. Saturday I had tapas again with some uni friends. This new super authentic place  just opened up in town, so I was dying to try it out! Wow they gave us a good dose in that sangria!

How has your week been?



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