Lolita Bonita


This week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. It’s had ups and downs along with tears and laughter. It’s been jam packed and testing but onto a new week. So, let’s find out what’s been going on in the Winter Edit #3.

My developing placement begun this week. I have gone back to the school where my education all started! As you can imagine it has been very nostaligic – and was very comfortable going into somewhere with familiar faces.

Speaking of placements, you may have seen on my IG I got some very exciting news! On Wednesday, I found out that I had been accepted for a funded extending placement in London. So, it looks like in April I will moving over to London – this also means that hopefully I will be offered a permanent job too. HOW EXCITING!

I am doing surprisingly well with my Little Things and it means I am feeling tons better. I am calmer within myself, sleeping better and feeling all round more positive. I have been putting down my phone which has meant for a cosier nights sleep, me actually finishing a book already and having a bit more me time.

Just before Christmas we got the bad news about a dear friend of ours over in Portugal. So, we took this opportunity to all meet up in a city of fond memories. It was emotionally draining and there were lots of giggles along with some tears. However, it was settling to swap stories whilst being in the comfort of loved ones.

How was your week? 

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