For years now my mum has been insisting that I go and check out Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I also had a friend that used to work there also who non stopped raved about it! Yet you know me stubborn and all that – I did not listen. Oh boy was I wrong to leave it so late. Mum – You were right I am sorry (savour those words) My visit was not totally spontaneous, as I had noticed a DREAM job opportunity to arise. I mean these rarely come around. However we shall talk about that further below! However making the video for said job made my visit to the park even more exciting and fun. If you like art, if you like long walks and beautiful scenery then this is the place for you!



As given away in the name the park is based in Yorkshire based outside of Wakefield. I was staying on my mums canal boat not too far away – so it only took us about half an our to drive there. Minus all the stops needed for my video haha. As it is a giant park vast in land its a bit in the middle of bum fluff nowhere. So if you do not drive pubic transport access is limited. I would suggest getting the train to Wakefield then jumping on a bus. I saw loads of local buses so it must be quiet regular. You can get to Wakefield from Leeds so if your an experienced train traveller its no problem. It is about £8 for parking and that is all you will pay. Apart from cake and coffee. However sneaky tip you can park about 10-15 min walk away from the park for free. Shhh do not tell anyone.


So like many art galleries and displays this park has permanent residents and ever changing ones. This is what makes it really cool as you can keep going back and you will always see something different. There is work from artists all over the world. However they do celebrate their heritage also displaying works from local famous artists such Henry Moore (the subject of my video, lucky him hey) and Barbara Hepworth. The park itself is so vast with pieces scattered all over the spot. However they do also have indoor galleries too. I was a little disappointed however as all the indoor spaces were changing exhibitions as well as one of the big outdoor displays. Yes I understand they are probably preparing for Spring and the Easter hols, but it does not make sense to me to change big exhibits all at the same time. I think they should be paced, as if you went on a whim like me there is a lot you can not see.


However having said we were really luck to see a lot of the Tony Cragg up, which was fab as I was so gutted turning up 2 days early! This exhibition is so huge it takes up 3 spaces in the park. The underground gallery, The garden gallery and the open spaces.  It is the biggest UK exhibition to date by leading sculptor Tony Cragg opens on 4 March 2017. New sculptures, drawings and works drawn from nearly five decades of Cragg’s practice will survey and demonstrate the artist’s pioneering and continued mastery of materials in the Underground Gallery and open air. I wish I had got to see the pieces hanging in the woods. However just being able to get a glimpse of his work was exciting enough. I just love the forms and shapes he creates. Either smooth and voluptuous or rigid and sharp. My fave pieces were Outspan because of that gorgeous vibrant yellow and Points Of View, I like how they tower over you painted in bronze or stunning shiny silver.


The park is so vast there is no way I could have seen it all in the time scale we were there!

Looking at it, I missed so many other stunning works of art. However it just condones a reason for another trip! The park itself is stunning and set in the most beautiful of landscapes. It gives you a sense of freedom and excitement. As you take a stroll around the rounds you do not know what you are going to see next. I particularly liked the pieces from Sophie Ryder – they were just stunning and so unusual. One of my faves was However Incongruous I loved all the detailing and patterns on the rhino, plus the vibrant yellow gave it another punch. The deer shelter sky space was almost like a meditation zone. It was there to simply look at the clouds and float away with your thought. Although you could start to feel a little sickly in there.  I was disappointed by the Andy Goldsworthy as I love is work – however I decided that my favourites of his are the nature ones that slowly disappear with time. There is something magical about that.

All round this is a great day out, and fun for the whole family, you can even take the dog! If its rainy there are indoor galleries and cafes. If your lucky to get a sunny day then take advantage of it. There is something completely magical about this park and everywhere you turn there is something new.

Location – ★★★★★
Family Friendly ★★★★★
Accessibility ★★★★
Family Friendly ★★★★★
Amenities ★★★★★


As I mentioned I went to the park with intent on making a video for The Busaabout Ambassador job. This is a dream job. I was gutted as I had to make a video. At this point I had no camera equipment, no film rolls of my travels or editing software. There for I did this film wit nothing but a Samsung J5 filmed with their 13mpx camera and edited on Adobe Clip. Please like share and leave comments!


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      Yes the bunny/human sculptures were my fave too. Just so unusual and cool! Ah thank you so so much 🙂 Fingers crossed hey! x

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